Clay Tile S

“S” Tile to fit together, allowing a custom installation that provides the aesthetics of a traditional two-piece tile while capturing the cost saving benefits of an ”S” Tile or ClayLite. The 2-Piece Mission tile is installed at the eave where the details of the roof are most visible. The “S” Tiles or ClayLite tiles are then installed on the rest of the roof for a much quicker and easier installation than a traditional two-piece tile roof.

We have the most extensive choice of profiles and styles of clay roofing tiles in the South Bay ranging from traditional mission style barrel tiles to flat tiles that deliver the aesthetics of natural slate and wood shake. The unique design of our lightweight tile products allow for a wide variety of installation options including staggering, boosting, serpentine patterns and much more. Durability Clay tile is known for its long-term durability and longevity. Our modern installation techniques enhance this durability, giving customers a roofing product that is sure to last.

Our clay tiles are truly sustainable and do not cause harm to the environment for the life of the product. Our clay roofing products are made with up to 59% recycled raw materials and are 100% recyclable. Value Clay tile has proven its durability, longevity and aesthetic appeal over thousands of years. True American Roofing offers a wide range of clay roofing products to fit any budget. From traditional mission tile designs to slate and shake flat profiles, we have a clay tile roofing product to meet your style and budget.

  • Cool Roof and Energy Star Rated
  • Good for Re-roof or New Construction
  • Will Not Fade Over Time
  • Sustainable Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified
  • 100% Recyclable